Dragan Simicevic

Photographer + Visual Artist Berlin Germany

Dragan Simicevic was born in Sarajevo in 1981 and raised in Croatia. He later moved to Berlin where he studied psychology at Freie Universität. His life path has had much influence on his art: though a practicing psychologist, his artistic sensibilities were strong and he began working as an artist towards the end of the 90s.
Simicevic’s art is an exploration of his catholic upbringing, of the ties that bind his family and the impact of the Yugoslav wars on his psyche. Much of his work explores the contrast between life and death. This fascination with the macabre has contributed to the evolution of his aesthetic, which he describes as “brutal sensibility.”
His video and photography works compel the viewer to penetrate his extraordinary melancholy, a world of black and white playing with contrasts, with Eros and Thanatos, with intimacy and aloofness, with urban life and mysticism.
When you show in your soul, your heart, your passion, the happiness within. All these are colored monochrome. Don’t be afraid, just love.

Motion pictures collaborations:
“Wespen” – independent movie by Jean-Sébastien Meynard, main artwork by Dragan
“Breath” – fashion movie with Marko Popadic
"Femminicidio" - Unter der Haut liegen die Knochen by Alessandra Marlene Pardeller


International Psychoanalytic University

Master of Science

Leadership & Consulting

VHS Berlin

Analogue Photography

Analogue Photography

Freie Universität Berlin

Psychology Diploma

Psychologist, Personal Coach

Technische Universität Berlin


RISE Berlin Gallery

Screen Print

workshop, screen printing skills



Group Exhibition, Faszination Sex -Der Theoretiker und Aktivist Martin Dannecker, Schwules Museum* - Berlin, Germany (Martin Dannecker Biography exhibition – Interior Art + Portrait of artist)


Group, Nachtschatten Lichtgestalten, LUDWIG Gallery – 48 Stunden Neukölln - Berlin, Germany (Art Event – 48 Stunden Neukölln, 48 Tunten Neukölln)


Group, Rinaldo´s Salon, Ballery - Berlin, Germany (Sephirot Project)


Solo, Month of Queen & Faries, SchwuZ - Berlin, Germany (Polymorphia)


Solo, Dream Within a Dream, Schwules Museum Berlin* - Berlin, Germany (photography, video installation, objects)


Group, Queer Days, Humboldt University Berlin - Berlin Mitte, Germany (photography)


Group, EroticaMENTE, EroticaMENTE - Rome, Italy (photography)


Group, Jungbrunnen, Berlin Avantgarde - Berlin, Germany (photography)


Solo, Marekowa Prototypes& Studies, Wine Gallery - Berlin Prenlauer Berg (photography and objects)


Group, Art Auction, Berlin Avantgarde - Berlin, Germany (digital art)


Solo, Love is a stranger, Melitta Sundström - Berlin, Germany (digital, photographic installation)


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